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To create a once-in-a-lifetime cultural and educational experience that will provide our guests heartwarming, lifelong memories of the beauty and grace of Cuba and its people.
        Welcome to a new and unique opportunity to experience the culture and beauty of the country most Americans have never been able to visit....until now!             
        REMEMBER CUBA is the result of the efforts of two women, one Cuban, and one American, who have developed a customized People-to-People group experience that will open your mind, and your heart, to a once-in-a-lifetime chance to explore the magnificent island of Cuba and meet its amazing people.  You will return home with memories to last a lifetime and bring warmth to your heart when recounting your adventures to friends and family.
        As soon as you arrive, you'll immediately realize Cuba is an enchanting country, full of sharp contrasts.... economically poor and culturally rich with a decadent splendor that will leave you stupified.   You will also quickly realize that visiting this gem of a country will enrich your life in countless ways and touch your heart profoundly.  
        More than just a island, Cuba represents a love interest, waiting demurely to share its soul and essence each moment you are there.     Every street and countryside will shout its history, culture and music, but above all it will speak personally to you through the warmth of its people, who wear a smile like a new suit of clothes and who welcome the opportunity to share the best of their their home…their passion…their Cuba.  
        When traveling with REMEMBER CUBA, the experiences may seem classic on the surface, but if you allow yourself to descend deeply into the essence of the island, to accept the charm that exudes from every step you take, your life will never be the same.  
        Cuba is waiting for you.  Don’t miss the opportunity to fall in love with her, again, again and again.
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